About Steph


Steph’s first trip was the typical “Euro-trip”, a 3 month semester off traipsing around Europe with a few girlfriends and a backpack weighing 17 kgs by the end.  She learnt her lesson quickly, and in future stuck to warmer climates needing fewer clothes to keep her bag to a respectable 11kg.  Graduating Simon Fraser University with a degree in Geography at the end of 2008, Steph decided to eschew the doubtless innumerable job opportunities presented to a new Arts undergraduate at the start of the recession, and embarked on a 6 month adventure touching New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.  What started out as an internship at a sustainable transportation organization back in Vancouver turned into her current 5 year stint at a dream job, working 6-9 months a year, travelling in her months off.

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