Drifter–  Someone that drifts from place to place without intention of going home, because there is nothing that awaits them. Credit: Marg

Flashpacker– Backpacker who spends a bit more money on travelling for the sake of extra comfort.  This could mean spending more on accommodation, food or transport, or on travel toys.

Lifer- Someone who has seems to have been travelling forever.  Lifers can be wealths of travel tips, but can also be tiresome in their seen it all attitude.

Possible- like most of Southeast Asia, things are either possible, or not possible.  Or, rather, yes you can do something, or no, you can’t.  For example, “can I order a masala dosa?” may be answered with “yes, it’s possible” or “can I take this huge motorbike on this tiny passenger ferry?” may be answered with “yes, yes, of course it is possible”.

Program– besides your marital status, country of origin and name, what your program or day’s plans will be is the most common enquiry heard.  For example, “what is your program tomorrow?” may be followed by a tuk tuk driver offering to take you sightseeing or to the railway station to catch your train.

Pure veg– restaurant that does not cook meat, with no risk of contamination.

Rolling backpack– Like a futon, trying to be two things at once, neither particularly well.  Good for someone who can’t make up their mind about what type of trip they are on, or for backpackers with bad backs.

Rolling suitcase- antithesis to a backpacker.  Good for weekend flights, not long travels.

Unsavoury men– men who like look they might be up to no good, as they have nothing else to do.  Credit: Marg




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