Here are a few of our must have accessories for any backpacking trip:

  • Steri-pen-cut down on the cost of bottled water, and the bottles themselves.  Plus, always have access to drinking water
  • Silk sleep sheet- shrinks down to about the size of a small water bottle.  Keeps you clean in sketchy looking guesthouses, warm on overnight trips, and super cozy.
  • Headlamp- great for finding the washroom, when electricity inevitably cuts out, or hiking mountains in the dark.  Also turns into a great bike light.
  • Polysporin– any good Canadian knows you must carry Polysporin.  Great for pretty much any injury.  Seriously.
  • Reusable water bottles- necessary with a steri pen.
  • Jump drive fully loaded with movies- the new social currency is movie file exchanges.
  • Headphone splitters- make friends easily by offering to share a movie with them.
  • Pac-safe travel cord- anti-theft cable lock.  Most recently used it as a bike lock!
  • extra debit/credit card- you never know when one won’t work, gets eaten by an atm, gets lost or stolen.
  • swiss army knife- corkscrew for sure, and knife for cutting up fruit.
  • sarong- best use I saw was for providing shade on a very hot ferry.  Also great for keeping warm, as a beach mat and for covering up leaving the beach.

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