Having bonded over a lack of desire to stay in a dirty, isolated hostel with a creepy owner on Isabelle Island in the Galapagos, Marieke and Steph traveled together for a grand total of five days before making the longest commitment of their lives: 2.5 months in India together.  Two weeks into the trip, they were already planning their next three trips together.  Having both traveled extensively, independently, India was the ultimate destination, and one which neither was ready to do on their own.  With similar seasonal work schedules, budgets, and values, Marieke and Steph feel they have each found the perfect travel buddy.  And if you’ve ever gone backpacking wtih someone else, spent 24 hours a day and forced to make a million decisions every day with no schedule, you know a perfect travel buddy is a rare thing indeed.

Marieke gets us lost taking brilliant photos while Steph is in charge of steering us back in the right direction.  Ask Marieke where we are going next and she’ll probably shrug, but she will be able to show you exactly where we’ve been.

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