Missing the lazy days of Mirissa

After a long and windy bus ride where I was worried both Marieke and Cheryl were going to be sick, we made it to Mirissa. Dropped off on the main, busy road, we were a bit unsure as to how much we would like the beach town, particularly after the spectacular islands in the Maldives. Our worry turned to panic as we arrived at our guesthouse and saw the tiny room we were all supposed to fit in. We couldn’t even find space to put our stuff! Luckily, it turned out the whole floor was ours, not just the room! Things were looking up!

We headed out and quickly found our go to lunch spot: Rotti Shak. Delicious, spicy vegetable rottis followed by chocolate rotti for dessert. The food in Sri Lanka is truly special.

We headed to the beach, and it really was gorgeous. We spent the next few days lounging in comfortable chairs secured for the price of some of the best juice I’ve ever had, checking out a lovely “secret beach”, a not so secret jungle beach, eating seafood in the evening with everyone else, amazing traditional Sri Lankan breakfasts made by the owner’s mom, and of course, rotti for lunch. Really, we mostly ate.

Delicious juice!

Mirissa is a pretty low key place, but it does have a small party scene, which we checked out, sort of, once. We managed to stay up til midnight on Christmas Eve, dancing to a decent cover band at a bar on the beach. And when the music turned sour, there was a whole other party happening on the balcony above the bar, which offered some excellent people watching!



Really, Mirissa was pretty uneventful, and for that, it was amazing. It was a great, relaxing way to to spend Christmas after moving fairly quickly the past few weeks.

Secret Beach

Cheryl relaxing- this sums up our time in Mirissa

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