What to do on a Monday in Mexico City?

Churros Mexico City

Churreria- possibly the best of the “erias”? Better than taqueria?

You might think it strange that we struggled with what to do our third day in Mexico City, but then you probably haven’t been around on a Monday. Seriously, even the over hundred museums were closed! Ok, well, there were a couple open, we just weren’t that interested. We had planned to check out Teotihuacan, but of course that was closed too. We even did some google searches like “what to do in Mexico City on a Monday” and got 0 results. Well, not actually, but nothing interesting really popped up.

In the end, we decided to check out the neighbourhood where Frida’s house was, even knowing it would be closed, as we wouldn’t have time the next day to see it anyway. It was a super cute neighbourhood, full of narrow colonial streets, cafes, and churros! Fresh churros are so much better than cold ones! We grabbed some with hot chocolate and enjoyed the public life in the barrio. I have never seen so many people outside as in Mexico City so far- I think it’s partly due to the weather, but also, there are so many benches available! Awesome.

As we had taken the Metro there, we left the neighbourhood before rush hour started, back in time for Mexico City lunch hour (3pm-4pm). We joined the queue outside one of the many food trucks and headed to the park to enjoy our tacos and fresh orange juice ($1!).

Mexico City Metro

Our lifeline to the city- 10 pesos a ride!

The next day we took the Metro to the northern bus terminal and headed to Teotihuacan, which we already knew a fair bit about from our stroll at the Anthropological museum. Basically, there was a city of 150,000 people sometime before the Aztecs (who were before the Mayans). When the Aztecs discovered it, it had been abandoned, but they were apparently quite impressed! So were we, although not with the intense climbing the pyramids required. But the view was worth it. And Cheryl’s phone, which has been tracking our movements every day, was also happy with our progress.

Teotihuacan pyramid of the sun

Cheryl’s about to make her phone happy by walking up a lot of stairs

We headed back for another late lunch/dinner before walking to the lucha libre- Mexican wrestling! Tickets ranged from about $3-20 and we had no idea what the stadium looked like, so we opted for some $6 ones, which turned out to be amazing. I have no idea what the $20 tickets would get you. We settled in and ordered beer- which turned out to be giant because it was really two bottles of beer poured into a cup. We obviously ordered another round.

An American couple we had met at the guesthouse over breakfast had opted to come with us, which proved pretty funny when the last round turned out to be foreigners vs. Mexicans, with the American contestant waving a flag with Trump’s face on it, eliciting mandatory boos from the crowd. Here’s a very short video of what lucha libre is about, but it’s pretty much WWE with costumes, more acrobatics, and the wrestlers make fun of themselves and the whole thing in general. It was a pretty great way to end our time in Mexico City.

Churros Mexico City

Hot, fresh churros!

Moon Pyramid Teohituacan

View from Pyramid of the Moon


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  1. John Alexander Gow

    As always, I enjoy being a part of your adventures. Christmas day is 3 hours and 45 min away, Newfoundland time. Later in your time zone. Have a good Christmas.

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